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Data protection strategies that effectively guard against loss, corruption, compromise, and theft are required by IT businesses because data has turned into a mission-critical asset for the company. We at Midway Computer Trading have data protection software, appliances, and backup solutions that enable us to significantly simplify data backup, recovery, and archiving while lowering costs and successfully safeguarding data from a number of risks. Our backup solutions are simple to deploy and administer, helping to protect data no matter where it lives to increase uptime and the value of company data. As businesses use the cloud more frequently for data storage and security, our top backup solutions can control backup, recovery, and archiving across hybrid and multi-cloud systems.

Our top services

Overcome Difficult Backup Windows

Our backup solution storage arrays offer exceptional performance that ensures optimal data security and quick rebuilds specifically designed for high throughput.

Best-in-Class Value at Scale Data Growth

Our backup storage solutions with scalable, user-friendly platforms offer maximum value at an affordable price and are designed for future data growth. We used to protect business continuity using current data protection techniques.

Flexible Protection

Our data protection is flexible and supports many strategic backup and recovery protocols, making it ideal for multi-cloud environments. We are able to create solutions that bring value to your world by collaborating with the best and brightest in the industry.

On-premises, the cloud, or both

We at Midway Computer Trading give you the option and flexibility to manage your storage on-site or through straightforward, reliable, and effective cloud storage.

What makes us different from others?

Foundation security

With a robust zero-trust architecture and built-in security mechanisms, we at Midway Computer Trading help to secure data, restrict unauthorized access, and promote compliance.

Proactive defense

With real-time visibility and early warnings, you can confront threats head-on while protecting production and backup systems.

Fast recovery

We used to give the most comprehensive range of hybrid workloads access to enterprise-wide data recovery with unmatched agility and speed.

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At Midway Computer Trading, we used to offer a dependable, secure, and cost-effective server solution. With top-tier servers and reliable network management, we offer assistance for large enterprise business architecture. We secure your data using our data replication technology and business interruption protection tactics.
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