Network Infrastructure

Network Infrastructure

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With the appropriate experience and knowledge, Midway Computer Trading allows our Customers to plan, design, and construct Network Infrastructure. We are involved from the planning stage through implementation and provide monitoring, maintenance, and support services after implementation, which benefits our customers. Our expertise with various network management tools and utilities strengthens the fundamental network infrastructure services we offer, which also improves the customer’s support relationship with us

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Your data center enables your business operations. Using a DC health check from Connection, ensure your data center's security and long-term health. Connection's micro-segmentation roadmap helps to move to a public cloud to increase the security of traffic flows inside your data center


Our benefits of automated WAN include segmented security for compliance, improved visibility, lower expenses, and a uniform application experience. Utilize Connection's routing services or Software-Defined WAN to recover lost IT hours and exploit the multi-cloud environment's potential

Voice and video

Any organization must have effective communication. You can improve or implement a system that ensures you have the connectivity you require now and in the future by using connection voice and video. We at Midway Computer Trading collaborate with you to consolidate voice and video across your company and strengthen the framework of your network infrastructure

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Operational excellence

We at Midway Computer Trading employ continuous improvement procedures to ensure that customer expectations are continuously satisfied. The major business objectives of the client and the organization's KPIs are improved sustainably due to implementation techniques tailored to the people and processes involved

24/7 support services

Our 24-hour IT infrastructure support methodology, gives dispersed customers constant access to the support staff for faster turnaround. Critical business services and infrastructure are guaranteed to be highly available and stable when operating at a very high level of responsiveness

Positive ROI factors

To empower the client teams to concentrate on core company operations, we help our customers accomplish ROI objectives by introducing strategic values, enhancing analytical capabilities, and satisfying regulatory requirements

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At Midway Computer Trading, we used to offer a dependable, secure, and cost-effective server solution. With top-tier servers and reliable network management, we offer assistance for large enterprise business architecture. We secure your data using our data replication technology and business interruption protection tactics.
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