Biometric and access control system

Biometric and access control system

Experienced top-tier Biometric and access control system from Midway Computer Trading

A variety of big and small businesses are using physical access control systems more and more.We at Midway Computer Trading help to enhance security which is one of the main forces
behind this expansion. Nevertheless, convenience remains vital, so biometric access control is particularly on the rise. Depending on the technology you select, we used to provide users with comfort and high levels of security. We used to provide various and varied advantages of biometric access control, generating a lot of buzz in smaller-scale and high-risk security organizations.

Our top services

Fingerprint readers

For a variety of applications, both indoor and outdoor, we used to offer several fingerprint reader variants. Our devices provide great protection against intrusive moisture, dust, and even liquids and can endure a high level of impact, making them vandal-resistant.

Touchless fingerprint readers

Users are recognized using our touchless fingerprint reader with a quick hand wave. We at Midway Computer Trading assure the most precise and trustworthy fingerprint matching for the highest level of security.

Facial recognition readers

Our facial recognition reader combines the most recent developments in artificial intelligence and image processing with a state-of-the-art optical combination of cameras to provide high security and genuine user comfort

Integrated solutions

Our access control software enables a wide variety of third-party biometric access control solutions, such as palm vein readers and facial recognition software from different vendors, to be incorporated into our system.

Our Process

  • Strong access control and security systems are required for buildings or locations with severe compliance regulations. Biometric technologies use body measurements and physical features to look for a person’s distinctive distinguishing characteristics to create a positive ID:
  • Access to sensitive operations, perimeters, and assets should be securely restricted.
  • Stops distributing passwords and keycards
  • Physical characteristics are used to authenticate identities.
  • Combines with already-installed access control systems
  • Simple to handle and manage for each user
  • A method for access control that complies with federal regulations

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At Midway Computer Trading, we used to offer a dependable, secure, and cost-effective server solution. With top-tier servers and reliable network management, we offer assistance for large enterprise business architecture. We secure your data using our data replication technology and business interruption protection tactics.
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