Endpoint Security

Endpoint Security

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Endpoint security is a rapidly expanding category of solutions as traditional network boundaries dissolve. We can assist you with every endpoint security solution lifecycle step, from management to selection. Our engineering staff is very skilled in endpoint security technology. We at Midway Computer Trading use a consultative, customer-focused approach to comprehend your particular environment and needs. Understanding your environment and requirements drives our research of the best tools and solutions to fulfill your objectives. To ensure the best solution is found, our engineers will walk you through the evaluation procedure and proof of concept activities. Our implementation engineers are then dispatched to ensure the solution is correctly installed, configured, and trained to assure success.

Our methodology

Evaluation and selection

In order to comprehend the particulars of your environment and provide solutions that satisfy your demands, our team of engineers adopts a consultative approach. Together, we set selection criteria, help draft RFIs and RFPs, create vendor comparison matrices, and develop proofs of concept.


To ensure that your endpoint security solution satisfies the most recent standards, we collaborate with you to develop the appropriate components. Our team will develop the solution architecture based on best practices, considering scalability factors to handle potential future needs


Our engineers will collaborate with you to correctly install and configure the solutions to guarantee flawless deployment. Because our personnel has overseen security programs and solutions at significant commercial and federal government companies, we offer a special perspective on understanding common endpoint security concerns.


Due to the variety of solutions our team has deployed, we can draw on our expertise and industry best practices to ensure you make the greatest use of endpoint security platforms. As part of the optimization services, our team will collaborate with you to guarantee that your team members are properly taught to use the solution.

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